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 Mold Prevention and Remediation in Central Maryland

Your All Clear Restoration of Maryland team is fully trained and experienced in performing mold remediation in tandum with a CIH if needed. One of the most worrisome issues we find customers have secondary to dealing with the initial water damage is MOLD. Mold damage can be easily contained and remediated with prompt deployment of science driven techniques that are among the most susessful in the industry . Contact us today to arrange these services for your damaged property.

The Mold Prevention Process
Mold prevention is more complicated than just throwing in a few fans and drying the carpet. Mold cannot grow on synthetic materials such as nylon carpet unless some sort of organic material(drywall, wood, etc.) is present. Drying a structure for mold prevention does require personnel with a complete understanding of psychrometry (the study of moisurture in the air and how it relates to heat and dehumidification), low-grain, or desiccant dehumidification, and rates of evaporation.

However, if water damage has been overlooked and any discoloration has grown to a level of concern, your All Clear Restoration of Maryland technicians have been cross-trained by the IICRC and are certified in Advanced Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) to handle mold remediation as a required part of their water damage restoration training. In some cases we will bring in an outside Certified Industrial Hygenist to take samples and using labratory equipment determine exactly what we are dealing with. They will also create for us a specifically designed protocol to follow in order to return your home to its pre remediation condition.

Therefore, you can be confident that our mold prevention specialists always have your best interests in mind.

Mold Prevention in Dayton, MD

Hinder the growth of mold in your building with our mold prevention service at All Clear Restoration of Maryland.